HAPPY United "Love" to LGBTQ Youth #GivingTuesday

Please check out the new PSA "Love" which launched today on Mashable just in time for #GivingTuesday. The spot is part of the Change The Script campaign for non-profit Mythic Bridge. Directed by Xander Strohm of Backyard, this new work from Happy United and Rabbit, Rabbit & Partners has not only been a great creative and collaborative experience but more importantly it has been an opportunity to show my support for LGBTQ Youth by shedding light on their everyday challenges and the affect that mentorship can have on their lives. I was so moved by how this piece came together on set and the genuine performances by our two young actresses. Mazie Wolf who is only 15 said she wanted to be part of this spot because she found this subject relatable as it happens in her school. 

During the shoots for “Love” and our last PSA “Suicide”, we had some of the Mythic Bridge kids working with the mentors and director Xander Strohm. Here I had the unique opportunity to witness the palatable shift that these programs can have on the lives of at-risk youth. Kaia, one of the participants said to me "at home I don’t feel comfortable. My parents want me to wear dresses but I just want to hang out with my brothers and play basketball. Here I can be myself”. Kaia was so shy the first time I met her before starting the Mythic Bridge program that she would mumble and look at the ground when we spoke. It was heart melting to me to watch her toward the end of our shoot calling out directions to our crew. Confident and proud. 

Source: http://mashable.com/2016/11/29/lgbtq-youth...